About the Journal

Published on behalf of the TESPAM, “Sustainability with Climate and Energy“ is the journal for decision makers, managers, consultants, policy makers, planners and researchers in both government and non-government organizations. It publishes original research and reviews about energy in developed and emerging countries sustainable development, environmental, climate change and policies. The journal aims to provide a leading platform for publishing high-quality interdisciplinary papers on research. It was established on First of July 2022

Topics of particular interest include: energy economics, circular economics, ecological economics, energy supply security,  energy policies, energy transation and responsibilites, energy diplomacy, green jobs, green employment, carbon footprint, sustainability, sustainable development, sustainable production and consumption, sustainable policies, the relationship between inflation and energy prices, the relationship between income and energy prices, cultural awareness for energy,  the relationship between sociology and energy

This journal, provides an interdisciplinary connectivity for the discussion of how social issues related to energy, climate and sustainability interact. All submitted papers should explicitly address policy issues involving sustainability, enviromental, climate and energy. The journal welcomes traditional formats such as original research articles to inspire next generation sustainability research.

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): October - SWCE
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